Server name: [EU] SangReal | Daily Updates | 5x
Mods: 5x Gather/Stacks/Loot, Kit Tools & Bow

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Server details:

Server is ONLINE.

Server is updated every 4 hours at most (depends when update for staging branches are released)

Server News and Info

Latest News

  • Discord raid alerts are here!

    Are you tired of getting raided right after you come offline? We have a solution to this problem! We’ve made a custom plugin, which alerts players who have linked their in-game profiles […]

Latest Changes

  • TP and 5x!

    Seems like people love TP too much, i’ll be putting TP back and make server 5x! Lets see how it will affect population this wipe. Wipe will happen today after patch! Expected […]

Last Wipe

  • Server wiped!

    Join the server now @ It’s that time again… we’ve just wiped the server so join now and get building! Any questions, concerns or issues let us know. We’re here to […]

Player Stats


See the Gathering stats grouped by day.


Most players killed, Most deaths, Longest kill, Longest animal kill and etc.

PVP and PVE stats

Seed PVP and PVE stats grouped by variuos parameters!

What You Need To Know

Why we are better than other servers

  • We have wonderful set of plugins, which speeds up and improves gameplay, but doesn’t ruin vanilla feeling!
  • We have dedicated team of admins (Foxxy, Goose) and developers (Fujikura, Visagalis)
  • We have the best support infrastructure. Better known as /ticket system, all your problems can be reported via our ticket system and it reaches us instantly via our internal system, so we don’t even need to be in-game to know your problems, if problem doesn’t require us to connect to the server, we can instantly respond to your ticket.
  • We have balanced VIP rewards, which doesn’t make server P2W. VIPs can’t receive loads of resources right after wipe (because VIP kits can only be redeemed only when 20hrs passes after wipe), and you can’t redeem all of your VIP kit at once, so after 20hrs you can only redeem 1/4 of your VIP kit (every other part has with 24hrs cooldown too), which reduces P2W impact to the server, but still allows players to help us cover server costs.
  • We have a form, where players can leave a feedback about current state of the server and then our team decides if we should try to improve server in that way. So for example if you want some plugin, which is cool, but we might have skipped it, you can ask for it. Or if one of our plugin work can be improved, we can also do that, because we have our own development team, which can do modifications to already existing plugins, or create completely custom one.
  • Our server is hosted on dedicated machine, which is able to host over 200 players at once and is secured against DDoS, so we can assure you that your gameplay won’t be interrupted by players who will try to DDoS us down.
  • We have unique stats system, which allows us to display various stats from the server on our website and in-game. In game we have leaderboards which shows players who gathered most of resources, who killed most animals and such.


  • Teleportation – well known teleportation system with small limitations.
  • FancyKits – allows you to easily access various kits, using your mouse, without typing any cumbersome commands.
  • Cupboard/Codelock share system – allows you you to share cupboards/codelocks with your friends and clan mates using simple ingame commands.
  • Clans – it’s overwritten version of Clans system, which works a lot faster, and gives some various additions.
  • FancyLoot – it’s reworked version of BetterLoot, which makes loot you find in airdrops/barrels/crates better, but not too good, and it allows us to let you loot items which are already skinned.
  • Gambling – allows server players to put random items in a gambling pot, and then after some time random person wins it, it’s really unique and fun plugin!
  • Trading – allows players to trade with other players, which is safe way of trading weapon for materials and such, but to avoid possible abuse trade range and cooldown are limited.
  • Sticky Chat – allows players to stick their chat to different “channels”, you can use command /ct and then your chat toggles to CLAN chat. And all your messages will automatically show to clan chat, rather than general chat, without needing to type /c every time.
  • Recycling – allows players to destroy various useless items, and get half of resources to their inventory. To avoid abuse, we only allow to use recycle when your near tool cupboard.


Hello, here you can can donate to keep server up and running, and get an automatic thank you gift, for your kindness.

VIP donation

€5.00 - 30 Days

VIP+ donation

€10.00 - 30 Days

VIP++ donation

€15.00 - 30 Days

TITAN donation

€20.00 - 30 Days

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