TP and 5x!

Seems like people love TP too much, i’ll be putting TP back and make server 5x! Lets see how it will affect population this wipe. Wipe will happen today after patch! Expected to be out in less than an hour! 😉

Fuck teleportation and weekly wipes!

We’ve finally decided to take a big step, and get rid of teleportation plugin, which was hurting rust game play.

Game is meant to be played without teleportation and this experience is ruined in all of the modded servers, we won’t want that in our server, so we’ve decided to remove it and see how it will go!

Also we’ve decided to increase our wipe cycle to 2 weeks rather than 1 week!

Also we’ll bring ladders and twigs back, just like in a vanilla!

Some major changes to the server after today’s wipe!

  • We have greatly balanced what kits give (no more infinite food , resources and tools).
  • VIP/Titan donators will only get 1 kit usage instead of 8.
  • The Voteshop will see some balancing changes as well.
  • Build kit will only give 1 metal door instead of 3 armored doors.
  • Also resources for various kits were greatly reduced (build, daily)
  • Stack sizes will be lowered!

Please let us know what do you think of these changes and leave a feedback in the comments!
We want to be 3x close to vanilla server instead of PVP FUN server.

Lots of small but quality fixes and features!

So today and yesterday I’ve did some work on our plugins and made the following changes:

  • Now you can once again build near rocks. (Only deployables are disabled in rocks)
  • Now you can foundation steps (no one ever told me that they are broken!)
  • I’ve made it easier to understand how random skin feature from /voteshop works.
  • I’ve automated process of punishing players who are teaming up. That means you’ll be automatically punished for teaming up with players other than your clan.
  • I’ve improved decay system, so now you’ll see less abandoned huts.
  • Now cupboards also decays if all of authorized players being inactive for 2 days.
  • Now you can use /remove on various decaying objects if they have no Tool Cupboard nearby and foundation are less or equal to 50% health.
  • Now you are less often be killed by the server when you are disconnected.

Please let me know if you have any more ideas how i could improve our server!

Votepoints just got easier! And roaming could come at a price…


We’re proud of our votepoint system, because it’s simple, beneficial to all, and it’s accessible to all… even more so now.
We’ve decided that it’s just not fair for players to vote for the server, and not receive points if they fail to login on the same day. So, we’ve now made it possible for you to vote for the server, and your account will automatically receive the votepoints, regardless of whether you login in or not.
Imagine… putting your feet up on holiday in the sun with a nice cold beer, thinking how life sucks without Rust. But wait, you can still vote for the server… Oh, but there’s no point because you can’t login to redeem your votepoints. Well say no more! If you vote, you’ll receive your points! You could vote 7 days in a row without logging in, and you’ll receive all your accumulated votepoints when you next login.


Now, we’re all for having fun and playing with friends… but there comes a point when clans take the p*ss just a little, and decide to roam in groups bigger than 5! We know these players mean well… but we like to keep the server balanced for all groups and solo players!
We’ve come up with an innovative idea which we think adds a bit of fun to these shenanigans. From now on we’ll be able to trace and track teams who are playing in groups bigger than 5!
We’re so close to making this detection automatic so that players will be alerted automatically and potentially punished for their pesky rule breaking! We’re not talking about perma ban here (not yet anyway!), but imagine if a group of 10 players stumbled upon on your wooden shack and all you had was a rock to defend yourself… now imagine if the pesky rule breaking group could only deal 75% damage to you because of our detection system! You’d still be f**ked let’s not get carried away, but the possibilities of what we can do with this are extraordinary. As alluded to, we’re still toying with this part of the plugin, so as always we’d appreciate your feedback, gang.

Peace out, and enjoy the wipe.
The SangReal Team

Few QoL tweaks.

I’ve updated some of our old plugins, which makes them easier to use.

  • Trade plugin has been updated, now UI is more intuitive, command been renamed from /trr to /trade.
  • Recycle plugin has been updated, now you don’t need to have a box, you can recycle any time by typing /rec command. It can only be used when you are near authorized Tool Cupboard.
  • Implemented light version of BetterLoot by Fujikura.

Some more balancing changes to the server.

So today i’ve tweaked some more things in a server, which should result in better gameplay experience on our server:

  1. Increased time for /kit tools (now it’s 60 minutes instead of 20 minutes).
  2. Nerfed loot a bit from radtowns/heli/supply drops. It will drop less rare items, more common items.
  3. Changed how VIP kits works, now instead of single time use, they are 4 times use, with cooldown of 24 hours, and their loot is divided by 4, so VIPs won’t be so OP according to normal players.
  4. Nerfed amount of HQM VIPs get, now its: 400/600/800/1200 instead of 1000/2000/3000/4000.

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Few more tweaks to the server.

So today we did some changes, to improve early gameplay of the server:

  1. /voteshop price for Supply Signal has increased in price, it’s now 120 points, instead of 30.
  2. /kit supply is only usable once per wipe, down from 2.
  3. Added 3 armored doors to /kit build, so newcomers could have a bit safer houses.
  4. Added Foxxy as an Administrator, so you’ll get in-game help even faster now!

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Solution to boring server.

So, today, after seeing the situation on the server, and reading the chat, I’ve decided, that we need drastic changes, and come to a conclusion, that we’ll be switching to 2 weeks XP wipe cycle instead of 4 weeks. And we’ll be lowering XP rates to 2x, instead of 3x. 1st cycle will be 2x, 2nd cycle will be 4x up to level 36



Change to FriendlyFire

Rust.IO FriendlyFire has had a lot of  recent issues which has effected gameplay for a few people, As from right now we are using our custom created plugin: Clans-InternalFF-Option. Hopefully this will solve the issues. Please do report any bugs/exploits using the ticket system.

Thank You.