This is explanation of our unique votepoints system.

Votepoints is a system that rewards all players for the tiniest of actions that impact the server on a monumental (xD) scale.The actions earn you points which can be spent on the In Game ‘Voteshop‘.

The Voteshop is carefully crafted to help out all those who help us. Its a neutral system that rewards all players equally based on their participation , It can make your time surviving in the unforgiving world of rust a little less impossible all the while not letting you be a problem for other players! 

So vote away and save your points to call in 10 airdrops at the end of the week or use them straight away to build that castle you have always dreamed of ! The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless here at Sangreal’s 3x Modded Rust server! 

There are few ways how people can earn votepoints, which then can be spend in /voteshop.

Here’s ways of how you can earn votepoints:

  • Vote for server – Just use /vote command in game and read how to vote and claim your reward.
  • Play in server – server awards players with votepoints every 10 minutes. So you just play rust in our server and get votepoints!
  • Participating in Discord – Server randomly starts an event, which awards players if they copy a message from discord to our server chat.
  • Inviting your friends to our steam group – You can invite your friends to join our server’s steam group and get votepoints for doing so, more details on this system below.

Inviting your friends to our steam group and get points for that is quite easy. You just need use this guide:

  • You’ll get 5 points for each friend you’ll invite.
  • You’ll get extra 5 points if your friend will join our steam group!
  • You’ll get extra 5 if he will visit or ever visited our server before!

Once you’ve invited all your friend, you can use /claim command in game to claim your reward, sometimes you’ll need to wait few minutes, before we detect who you have invited!